Become A 5-STAR Building Partner
Of LandDesignBuild

Our Ideal Homebuilding Partner
Our ideal building partner is a smaller builder that builds in the neighborhood of two to ten homes a year –– but who could build more –– if he or she had highly-competent help with the certain tasks of running their  homebuilding business… and if he or she had an ongoing source of pre-sold transactions coming their way.

Our ideal building partner is also interested in controlled growth. So they are pleased when we can bring them one or two additional pre-sold homebuyers a year, increasing their base level average of new home starts in such a way that it makes a big difference to their profit picture them financially.  And they are particularly pleased that we can provide them with a range of support services and resources that help them grow their homebuilding businesses without having to make large investments in hiring staff.

As you can appreciate, LandDesignBuild limits the number of building partners it chooses to a few carefully selected builders. This group of builders adds credibility to each other and to LandDesignBuild.

LandDesignBuild Compensation
For each new construction project, LandDesignBuild receives a base minimum fee or a predetermined percentage of the total construction price of the home.

The Bottom Line
Builder partners find that the presence and involvement of LandDesignBuild in their businesses helps them overcome their most troublesome challenges.

  • EFFICIENCY: LandDesignBuild brings efficiency in many ways and helps you meet new resources, vendors, suppliers, and trade professionals.

  • LAND ACQUISITION:  LandDesignBuild becomes an irreplaceable resource for land. There never will be enough land to go around. So the key is to know the market, mine the market, and acquire every viable homesite. That’s one of the missions of LandDesignBuild. In addition, our 5-STAR Building Partners also participate in our exclusive First Choice Homesites Program, providing them greater access to newly acquired homesites.

  • REPEAT REFERRAL BUSINESS: As professional marketers, LandDesignBuild implements systems, campaigns, and programs (on behalf of its building partners) to attract clients for the initial sale. Once this initial attraction process has occurred, we then implement on-going programs that encourage greater repeat and referral business from past clients' friends, family, and coworkers.

  • PROFITS: LandDesignBuild helps its building partners to plan better. It provides them with systems and procedures with which to operate their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. From financial planning to exit strategies, LandDesignBuild provides building partners with answers, ideas, and coaching to increase their bottom line and personal wealth.

LandDesignBuild has the buyers. LandDesignBuild has the land. LandDesignBuild has the systems and procedures to help you grow your business.

If you currently build somewhere between two and ten homes per year (mostly on scattered lots) LandDesignBuild wants you… because we are working in the market that best serves your interests. While we certainly seek out building opportunities throughout our market, we focus on and reach new homebuyers that prefer building on scattered infill sites in prestigious neighborhoods.

To apply as a LandDesignBuild building partner, please complete the attached short form. Or call 314-414-5263 for additional information.