The 5 Inevitable Challenges
Every Builder Faces

TIME... too much or too little
About half of the builders we talk to are maxed-out time-wise and couldn’t build another house even if they wanted to... and the other half are looking for ways to increase the number of houses they build each year.  Those who are maxed out on time are looking for ways 1) to gain time, 2) to be more selective, and 3) to increase their bottom line.

MONEY... too much or too little
Many builders who build spec or inventory homes could build an extra house or two per year... but they can’t and don’t.  Most often, the reason is they don’t have the money or credit line to keep buying land and building more, so they have to wait until they sell one before starting another.

BUYERS... too many or too few
Some builders have what seems like an endless stream of buyers waiting in line and ready to build. Others wish they could find more. Even the best builders live on a roller coaster of too much or too little. It’s a shame, too, when other viable alternatives exist.

LAND... too much or too little
It’s even a greater shame when builders spend their time looking for land instead of building new homes, when other viable and reliable solutions for land acquisition are so close at hand.

ORGANIZATION... usually too little
Finally, many builders fall into the organization trap… being too organized or not organized enough. It’s too bad when builders can’t build all the homes they’d like simply because they need better organization to finish the jobs they’ve started… and because they need greater communication between themselves and their clients.

Here's your opportunity
to eliminate the 5 Inevitable Challenges...
so that you have more time to build quality custom homes.