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Strategy For Smaller Builders…

Like most builders, you probably became a builder because you like building custom homes.

But, like most builders, it didn’t take long for you to realize that your life as a builder included wearing many hats that you didn’t like to wear, didn’t want to wear, didn’t have time to wear… such as marketing, handling sales inquiries, locating land to build new homes, finding the best subcontractors, negotiating with prospects, helping clients make color selections, keeping customers happy, and much more.

At LandDesignBuild, we enjoy and embrace all aspects of the custom home building process. We’re totally immersed in it and devoted to it. But we’re not builders.

However, we are extremely good at (and focus on) those hats that often become a burden to builders –– marketing, handling sales inquiries, locating land and homesites to build new homes, finding the best subcontractors, negotiating with prospects, helping clients make color selections, finding ways to help builders be more profitable, and much more.

Achieve More; Accomplish More
As a building partner, LandDesignBuild helps you grow and streamline your existing business, giving you more time to build more custom homes while eliminating tasks and activities that you don’t enjoy doing, don’t do well, or could be done more efficiently by someone else.

The bottom line is that because LandDesignBuild is in the picture, builders have more time to build more houses and to accommodate the pre-sold construction projects that LandDesignBuild brings their way. This leads to greater growth for your business and greater prosperity for you personally. 

So here are the critical elements that LandDesignBuild brings to the table to help you grow your business:

  • Momentum –– LandDesignBuild invests considerable time, energy, expertise, and money to develop marketing systems, deploy professional marketing materials, maintain active and ongoing lead-generation activities, and maintain appropriate ongoing contact with an ever-expanding database of qualified prospects and referral sources.

  • Resources –– LandDesignBuild builds and maintains an extensive network of homebuilders, architects, interior designers, mortgage lenders, Realtors, other trade professionals, and critical suppliers. We know whom to call when our buyers don’t, and when builders need help.

  • Due Diligence  –– LandDesignBuild pre-screens each company, individual, and partner, performing due diligence and sticking its reputation on the line each time we make a recommendation. As a result, we provide builders and buyers with an extra level of recourse to those companies and individuals. This recourse –– serving much like an insurance policy –– provides builders and buyers with greater peace of mind.

  • Power Prospecting –– LandDesignBuild devotes the majority of its time, energy, expertise, and money to cultivating buyers who respond to our advertising and lead-generating activities. The moment buyers identify themselves, they enter into a highly sophisticated sales process that creates a solid relationship between the buyer and the builder long before these two parties actually meet. When the meeting occurs, the buyer is often pre-sold and thoroughly educated about the builder and the building process, and has a high level of confidence about the forthcoming building project.

  • Relationships –– Because repeat and word-of-mouth business are always the best and most profitable, LandDesignBuild maintains an active, established, and ongoing network of key contacts and priceless referral sources that maximize the potential for repeat/referral/word-of-mouth business.

So, you can see how you now have more time to do those things that you like doing and those things that you are best at doing –– like building custom homes –– because LandDesignBuild is providing you with the ability to do even more –– without adding staff or fixed overhead.

Growing Your Business
In addition to the critical elements described above, LandDesignBuild also provides the following to help you grow your business:

  • Build-Links online project tracking keeps you, your subcontractors, and your clients fully apprised about the progress and scheduling of a building project. It clearly and conveniently allows everyone to see what activities happen and when, and allows for online documentation. Every change is fully documented and tracked.
  • Sales support and an active sales process to help you develop and maintain a professional relationship with prospects –– especially during those times when you need to be hands-on with your existing jobs.
  • Pricing information, research, and guidance so that you remain competitive both on retail pricing and what you pay sub-contractors.
  • Color selection service and more– we work with your clients on the details of construction –– everything from educating them about the construction process to the selection of paint colors for the den, fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, roofing, and more.
  • Marketing planning designed to target the type of clientele that’s best suited to your goals and expertise.
  • You and your company appear on the LandDesignBuild website as a “Featured Builder,” plus our assistance in creating, developing, or maintaining your own website with helpful links for prospects and clients.
  • Programs and strategies to keep your crews busy and making money for you.
  • Business and management consulting with top professionals and experts in marketing, business planning, finance to help you plan and grow your business.
  • Group buying power for equipment, supplies, services, and materials.
  • Long-term financial planning advice designed to help you accumulate personal wealth in an industry that has many ups and downs.
  • Financing resources for spec homes that you want to build and creative financing for your clients.
  • Special seminars and programs on sales training, prospecting, and techniques and strategies that help you close more deals.

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